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There is no coverage of Lisa's story until December of 1996 because the church had successfully persuaded Lisa's family that she died of a disease, and the Clearwater police had been stymied in their investigation of Lisa's death. It was not until the Clearwater police put up a request for help concerning Lisa's death on their internet web page that her story came to light.


Possibly the first Introspection Rundown, back in 1955!


New Statesman, March 17, 1967, Scientologist dumped at mother's house after going crazy.


Brenda Hubert, a "friend" of Lisa's, writes a report 11-19-95 on Lisa's last months


Tampa Tribune 12/15/96 Mystery surrounds Scientologist's death - First public story of Lisa McPherson's death. Lisa's mom told Lisa was on babywatch at Ft. Harrison. Dr. Minkoff says the medical examiner's report is incomplete.


Tampa Tribune 12/17/96 Church: Cops planted false story - church says Tampa Tribune story is false and is planted by Clearwater police.


St. Petersburg Times 12/17/96 Cause of death in dispute- Abelson says Lisa's skin had turned yellow, but not a problem. Lisa had $11 in savings at her death.


St. Petersburg Times 12/18/96 editorial calling for a thorough investigation.


Tampa Tribune 12/19/96 - editorial calling for a thorough investigation.


Tampa Tribune 12/22/96 Scientolgist's death: A family searches for answers - personal information on Lisa, donations she made. Family finds others taking Lisa's stuff when they go for her belongings.


Tampa Tribune 12/22/96 Diaries offer vignettes of Scientologist's passion - diary entries from Lisa.


Tampa Tribune 01/11/97 Scientologists promised to care for woman who later died - Abelson says Lisa was not ill until the day she died.


Inside Edition January 21, 1997- Abelson says Lisa was hitting the walls with her fist. Medical Examiner Woods says Lisa was without liquids at least 5 days, in coma last 24 hours.


St. Petersburg Times 1/23/97 Dispute over Scientologist's death - CoS says Lisa conscious when taken to van. Wood says worst case of dehydration she's ever seen.


Tampa Tribune 01/23/97 Doctor details Scientologist's death - Abelson calls Wood a Liar, Liar, Hateful Liar.


St. Petersburg Times 1/25/97 Scientology's Bullying - summarizes the case, bad PR for church.


Tampa Tribune 01/29/97 Scientology suit seeks access to records - church sues to get all records of Lisa's case from medical examiner.


St. Petersburg Times 1/29/97 Church sues medical examiner - church wants to conduct independent analysis of medical examiner's evidence.


Tampa Tribune 02/11/97 Attorneys say suit aims to derail inquiry - medical examiner's attorney says this suit is designed to abort a criminal investigation.


St. Petersburg Times 2/14/97 Official, Scientology Take Battle to court- similar to above.


Tampa Tribune 02/14/97 Scientologists argue for access - church argues that Lisa's autopsy report and even tissue samples are public records.



St. Petersburg Times 2/20/97 Family sues Scientology in '95 death of woman- Ken Dandar of Tampa files a wrongful death suit against Scientology in behalf of Lisa's estate. Abelson calls the suit an extortion attempt. Abelson admits the Introspection Rundown is a part of church services.


Tampa Tribune 02/20/97 Suit accuses Scientologists of negligence in death - Dandar says he doesn't care whether it was even the Boy Scouts who hurt Lisa, she was in the church's exclusive care and she died.


Tampa Tribune 02/21/97 Scientology magazine investigates police - all three Scientoligists the Clearwater police are searching for have attorneys representing them in Tampa now.


St. Petersburg Times, 2/21/97 church had woman in isolation- Abelson says Lisa entered a self-destructive mode while at the Ft. Harrison, but Lisa was not on the Introspection Rundown. Stacy Young and Monica Pignottie tell of isolation as a church practice. Janis Johnson was in the van that took Lisa to the hospital.


St. Petersburg Times 2/26/97 Scientology magazine targets police 'racism' - church attempts to 'dead agent' Clearwater police department.


Tampa Tribune 02/28/97 Scientologists can see some, not all, evidence - Circuit judge Bob Barker allows *some* evidence to be made public in Lisa's case. This includes autopsy photos of her arms.


St. Petersburg Times 2/28/97 Church can see some records - judge makes some medical examiner's files open to public, along with some autopsy photos. Wood says this won't hurt the investigation.


St. Petersburg Times 3/1/97 Examiner lied, Scientology lawyer says - Abelson says roaches don't bite humans; entemologist says they do.


Tampa Tribune 03/02/97 Church critics plan night vigil in memory of - Brian Anderson says picketers are in cahoots with Clearwater police to smear the church.


St. Petersburg Times 3/2/97 Scientologist hospitalized after jump into harbor - shoeless Scientologist sprints from Ft. Harrison to harbor at 5:40am.


Tampa Tribune 03/03/97 Baker-acted Scientologist released - 5:40 am 3/1 a woman sprints from the Ft. Harrison to the Sandcastle hotel, then out into the bay. Her behavior is so strange she is taken for psychological evaluation and is not simply handed back to the church.


Tampa Tribune 03/08/97 Church plans event during the protest - Police are told Thursday at 2pm of church plans to interfere with a picket of the Ft. Harrison hotel by holding an anti-drug awareness rally. The picket slogan is 'stop hurting people Scientology.'


Tampa Tribune 03/09/97 Scientologists crash protesters' line - 'friends' of Lisa interviewed, signs at picket listed.


St. Petersburg Times 3/9/97 Five doctors agree with examiner in Scientology death- explains the medical examiner's procedures on deciding when Lisa last had liquids. The church claims a staph infection killed Lisa.


Tampa Tribune 03/12/97 Organizers thank police for vigil help - picketers thank police for keeping them safe from the surrounding hordes of Scientologists.


Tampa Tribune 03/13/97 Church of Scientology denies allegations - response to estate lawsuit. church denies everything, says church attorney Morris Weinberg.


St. Petersburg Times 3/19/97 Abelson letter to editor - says SP Times manufactures evidence against church, disputes article on Lisa being without liquids


Inside Edition 3/21/97 - Abelson caught in a lie, said in IE 1 that there were no medical personnel at the Ft. Harrison, but IE finds Janis Johnson and tries to interview her.


St. Petersburg Times 3/22/97 - Troubles dogged medical liaison - Janis Johnson was the non-accredited medical liaision officer at the Ft. Harrison. She has a troubled past.


Tampa Tribune 03/29/97 Former physician linked to dead woman - Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald was Flag medical liaison officer during Lisa's stay. She had her Arizona medical license revoked before she moved to Clearwater.


ARD, German TV 4/2/97, airs a program about Scientology that includes Lisa McPherson as well as several other Scientology-related deaths in Clearwater Florida.


St. Petersburg Times 4/28/97 - police almost done with investigation


St. Petersburg Times 5/9/97 - Mike Rinder says Lisa died at the Ft. Harrison, Abelson nods agreement


St. Petersburg Times 5/10/97 - editorial again calling for a thorough investigation into Lisa's death.


St. Petersburg Times 5/16/97 - Police now have church records of Lisa's last stay at the Ft. Harrison.


Tampa Tribune 6/1/97 - Lisa's Story is Internationally known.


Star tabloid story on Lisa Marie Presley mentions Lisa McPherson and has a photo of McPherson.


Tampa Tribune 7/2/97 - Scientology rejects blame for Lisa's death.


St. Petersburg Times 7/2/97 - Division in the M.E.'s office. Dr. Davis, who did the autopsy of Lisa, is not willing to make the same conclusions as Dr. Wood.


St. Petersburg Times 7/2/97 - A "psychotic" decline. The church admits that Lisa was "psychotic" and having a very rough time of it in her stay at the Ft. Harrison Hotel. They admit medical help was given her.


Tampa Tribune 7/8/97 editorial. Be careful that you don't wind up like Lisa.


Tampa Tribune 7/10/97 church records of Lisa's treatment at the Ft. Harrison released. She was watched around the clock and in bad shape.


St. Petersburg Times 7/10/97 Minkoff asks Johnson why she waited so long to bring Lisa to the hospital.


Newsweek magazine 7/21/97 "A Death In Clearwater", page 77. Good summary of the case so far.


Inside Edition 7/23/97 part 3, explains the church records of Lisa's stay at Ft. Harrison.


St. Petersburg Times, 8/16/97 would *you* want the Ft. Harrison staff taking care of you?


St. Petersburg Times, 9/4/97 Scientology can't seem to keep it's story straight.


St. Petersburg Times, 9/11/97 Abelson's letter to the editor. fails to explain the discrepancy between his and Laura Vaughn's differing versions of Lisa's stay at the Ft. Harrison.


Farny Interview, 10/14/97, Scientology legal head Lynn Farny claims that when Scientology holds people on the Introspection rundown, "they're supposed to be somewhere out in the countryside or something like that."


Channel 28, Tampa, 10/14/97 Lisa's Scientologist roommate allegedly wrote checks on Lisa's account after Lisa died.


St. Petersburg Times, 10/31/97 Lisa's contributions to Scientology raise questions.


New York Times front page, 12/1/97 Great summary of case so far.


Candlelight Vigil for Lisa McPherson, 12/5/97 at the Ft. Harrison Hotel.


St. Petersburg Times, 12/7/97 Other mysterious deaths of Scientologists in Clearwater.


St. Petersburg Times, 12/11/97 Scientologist Mike Rinder's letter to the editor, angry at article about deaths at Flag.


St. Petersburg Times, 12/16/97 Clearwater police recommend criminal charges in Lisa's death.


Cable Court TV, 12/18/97 with Ken Dandar and Laura Vaughn facing off.


Extra TV show, 12/29/97interview with Lisa's aunt, video of Lisa dancing.


CBS Public Eye's 1/6/98 press release re: upcoming show


CBS Public Eye 1/7/98Scientologists Mark Rinder and Heber Jentzsch act nuts. Interview with Lisa's aunt. Good summary of case.


St. Petersburg Times 2/8/98 Suicides in Scientology. Discusses Lisa's death as well.


NBC Nightly News 12/1/97 summarized Lisa's case


Rod Keller 3/20/98 reviews lies Scientology has told of Lisa's case.


Criminal investigation continues, St. Petersburg Times, June 1998


Scientology doesn't want to release Lisa's folders, St. Petersburg Times, August, 1998.


Dr. Minkoff settles with Lisa's estate, september 1998.


Florida State's attorney general takes interest in Lisa's case: St. Petersburg Times, October 1998.


November 13, 1998, AP wire Church of Scientology indicted on 2 felony counts in Lisa's death.


 A Scientologist posts questions about Lisa's case to AOL board.


November 15, 1998 - a Scientologist questions the church's actions in Lisa's case.


St. Petersburg Times November 20, 1998 editorial on criminal indictments and questions whether the church will change.


Tampa Tribune December 1 1998 report on criminal indictments.


Miami Herald December 27, 1998 report on Lisa's case and picket in Clearwater.


January 21, 1999 Phoenix New Times article on how Scientology harasses a critic and on Lisa.


January 29, 1999 Tampa Tribune on the status of the civil and criminal cases.


March 1999 St. Petersburg Times church must turn over Lisa's pre-clear files


May 11, 1999 St. Petersburg Times church attempts to get criminal case in Lisa's death thrown out.


September 14, 1999 St. Petersburg Times church attempts to get civil case in Lisa's death thrown out.


October 23, 1999 St. Petersburg Times judge rules that Scientology must face potential punitive damages


October 1999 Scientology attorneys lay out their defense; it's Lisa's fault


November 10, 1999, St. Petersburg Times Scientology accuses Lisa's family in lawsuit of fraud


November 24, 1999 St. Petersburg Times Scientology seeks to re-test eye fluid to show no dehydration


December 7, 1999, St. Petersburg Times Scientology claims it cannot be criminally charged because it's a religion


December 8, 1999, St. Petersburg Times When can a church be accused of a crime?


December 15, 1999 St. Petersburg Times David Miscavige added as defendant in civil suit


December 22, 1999 St. Petersburg Times Criminal trial moved to October 16


State document summarizing case and refuting Scientology's attempt to dismiss case, December 6, 1999


January 18, 2000 Ken Dandar, PLAINTIFF'S RESPONSE TO FLAG'S MOTION THAT SCIENTOLOGY IS A RELIGION (the best, most complete summary yet of what happened to Lisa)


January 21, 2000 Stephen Kent expert affidavit on religious nature of Scientology practices relating to Lisa


Vaughn Young deposition:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


February 4, 2000 st. Petersburg Times; Scientology says critics control civil suit


February 4, 2000 Tampa Tribune: Scientology cannot interfere in Lisa's estate


February 15, 2000 Tampa Tribune: judge takes medical leave


February 23, 2000 St. Petersburg times: Lisa's death now ruled an accident


February 23, 2000 St. Petersburg Times: Investigative file still closed


March 3, 2000 St. Petersburg Times: Scientology wants judge removed


March 3, 2000 St. Petersburg Times: a cry for justice


March 7, 2000 St. Petersburg Times: Doctors paid by church give defense


March 9, 2000 St. Petersburg Times: 200 Scientologists whine that Lisa's case hurts them


March 15, 2000 St. Petersburg Times: Chief judge returns to Scientology case


April 2, 2000 Tampa Tribune: Scientology perspective on tragedy rarely seen


April 4, 2000 St. Petersburg Times: Scientology to argue for dismissal of case


June 13, 2000 Tampa Tribune: Florida drops criminal charges against Scientology.  Are Floridians safe from quack medicine?


June 14, 2000 St. Petersburg Times David Miscavige tried to swing a deal with the prosecutor


June 14, 2000 St. Petersburg Times editorial "Bungling Scientology case"


June 16, 2000 St. Petersburg Times autopsy photos of Lisa still sealed


April 20, 2001 St. Petersburg Times brick in honor of Lisa McPherson rejected


April 26, 2001 St. Petersburg Times brick in honor of Lisa McPherson unrejected


May 26, 20001 St. Petersburg Times Scientology attempt to get critic arrested using private investigators


June 22, 2001 St. Petersburg Times Judge throws out one count in McPherson civil case


July 25, 2001 Tampa Tribune Dr. David Minkoff faces fine and suspension over actions in Lisa's case


July 27, 2001 Judge Thomas Penick signs a permanent injunction that restricts protesting against Scientology in Clearwater.


August 4, 2001 St. Petersburg Times Dr. David I. Minkoff medical license suspended for one year.


August 4, 2001 Los Angeles Times Dr. Minkoff medical license suspended for one year.


December 9, 2001 St. Petersburg Times Civil lawsuit moving forward slowly


April 5, 2002 Scientology ordered to stop harassing the Lisa McPherson estate


April 20, 2002 Tampa Tribune Bob Minton splits from Lisa's attorney Ken Dandar


April 20, 2002 St. Petersburg Times Bob Minton splits from Ken Dandar and Jesse Prince.


April 29, 2002 St. Petersburg Times Scientology tries to get Dandar removed from case.


May 1, 2002 St. Petersburg Times Bob Minton files an affidavit against Ken Dandar.


May 3, 2002 St. Petersburg Times judge says Lisa trial will go ahead.


May 3, 2002 Tampa Tribune judge says Minton fiasco will not derail trial.


May 9, 2002 Lawrence Wollersheim collects from civil suit against Scientology (fortunately for Lawrence, he didn't die).


May 18, 2002 St. Petersburg Times, Bob Minton had spent $10 million fighting Scientology, regrets it now.


July 7, 2002 St. Petersburg Times, Bob Minton is turned by Scientology's attacks


October 21, 2002 St. Petersburg Times, medical examiner Joan Wood reappears.


November 7, 2002 St. Petersburg Times, Scientologist husband in Florida holds wife against her will.


January 14, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, despite 35-day hearing for dismissal, the trial is still scheduled


January 15, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, editorial on the long delays in getting the civil case to trial.


January 18, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, trial delayed yet again.


January 21, 2003 Tampa Tribune, Bob Minton tries to get Judge Schaeffer to recuse herself.


May 23, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, 4 out of 5 Clearwater area residents have a negative opinion of Scientology, so Scientology wants a change of venue.


May 31, 2003 Tampa Tribune, maybe it's just the way Scientologists behave that causes bad negative opinion.


June 9, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, Scientology's bad reputation not dependent on Lisa case.


June 11, 2003, St. Petersburg Times, Scientology drops its attempt for a change of venue.


June 27, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, Scientology again tries to change venue for trial.


August 13, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, the first jury in a Scientology case in Pinellas county is seated.


August 19, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, "breach" case, Scientology wants millions from Dandar.


August 21, 2003 St. Petersburg Times, Dandar owes nothing after long "breach" case side issue by Scientology


September 4, 2003 New York Post, Scientology now requires members to sign a form agreeing to accept the Introspection Rundown in place of psychiatric treatment.


December, 2003 Razor magazine article on Lisa McPherson


February, 2004 Razor magazine letters to the editor re: December article


February, 2004 Harpers magazine letters to the editor re: Lisa Clause that Scientologists sign


May 29, 2004, St. Petersburg Times, Civil suit settled out of court


June 4, 2004, Tampa Tribune editorial; settlement should be made public


June 6, 2004, St. Petersburg Times, Lisa civil case even wore down the judicial


June 7, 2005, St. Petersburg Times, editorial slams local government officials for cozying up to Scientology.


June 9, 2005,, Tom Cruise and Scientology want to destroy psychiatry.


July 9, 2005 St. Petersburg Times, medical examiner loses license over Lisa McPherson case


January 1, 2006 Clearwater police Chief Sid Klein. Mentions Lisa McPherson case [St. Petersburg Times, 1/1/16 p. 10].


February 19, 2007 religious group holds mentally disturbed parishioner until she dies


January 21, 2008, Scientologists in Italy arrested for holding a person against their will


April 25, 2008, Mark Headley, ex-Scientologist, fills in more information about Lisa McPherson's last days.


August 15, 2008, Bernie McCabe, the state attorney who dropped criminal charges against Scientology, under investigation for sloppy work.


February, 2009, Phoenix New Times article on L. Ron Hubbard Museum, Scientologist comments on Lisa McPherson


February 10, 2009, Michael Pattinson posts of his friendship with Lisa


February 15, 2009 Maureen Bolstad interviewed on blogtalkradio about the Introspection Rundown


May 14, 2010 lawsuit against McPherson estate for work done in civiil case.  Estate ordered to pay $72,000.


December 5, 2011 Village Voice article on Lisa


November 17, 2012 Marty Rathbun tells what was going on in Scientology as it was trying to get the McPherson criminal case thrown out.


November 18, 2012 Scientology spent $30 million to cover up Lisa's death.


November 20, 2012 Judge Beach denies he was unduly influenced in Lisa case.


November 27, 2012 Scientology leader David Miscavige alledgedly tried to meet with the judge in Lisa's case outside of court.


November 28, 2012 more evidence that Scientology spent millions on Lisa McPherson fallout after her death.


February 25, 2013 an Australian isolation case.


July 30, 2013 David Miscavige involved in Lisa's auditing.


September 5, 2013, David Miscavige ordered Scientologists to try to "handle" Lisa's family, or even pay them hush money.


June 1, 2014, Lisa's attorney Ken Dandar still in court battle with Scientology


September 9, 2014, Marty Rathbun claims "Lisa McPherson is only one of many products of the scientology ‘Mecca of Technical Perfection’ that went mad under scientology processing there.  And she was not the only one to die in the process. 


October 3, 2014, Lisa's attorney Ken Dandar paying $1 million judgement against him brought on by Scientology claiming he breached a contract with them.


February 2, 2015, another "baby watch" case involving Scientology.


December, 2015, a series reviewing the last days of Lisa McPherson.

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