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Photos - NOTE! These are photos of a dead body

District SIX
Joan E. Wood, M.D.
10850 Ulmerton Road
Largo, Florida 34648
      Edward R. Corcoran, M.D.
     Associate Medical Examiner
Marie H. Hansen, M.D.
     Associate Medical Examiner
Robert D. Davis, M.D.
     Associate Medical Examiner
Larry R. Bedore, M.S.
     Director of Operations
Ronald R. Bell, B.S.
     Chief Toxicologist
Joel Scot Cary, A.S.
     Chief Investigator


Name: MC PHERSON, Lisa        Case # 1951474     Age: 36 yrs     Race: White     Sex: Female
Date of Death: Dec. 5, 1995              Body Identified by: Jeff Schaffner & David Slaughter
Date of Autopsy: Dec. 6, 1995       at: 11:00 hrs     Authorized by: Joan E. Wood M.D., D.M.E
Investigative Agency: Clearwater Police Department       Agency Case # 95-29158

Manner of Death:   Undetermined
Immediate Cause of Death: Thrombo-embolism left pulmonary artery
                               due to: Thrombosis of left popliteal vein
                               due to: Bed rest and severe dehydration

Thromboembolus-left main pulmonary artery
Thrombosis of left popliteal vein
Severe dehydration
Multiple old and recent hematomas-extremities
Abrasion of nose

Joan E. Wood, M.D.
District Medical Examiner
Robert D. Davis, M.D. Associate Medical Examiner


NAME- MC PHERSON, Lisa                       CASE NO.-1951474                       PAGE 1


EXTERNAL EXAMINATION: The autopsy is begun at 11 AM on December 6, 1995.
Present at the time of the autopsy is ID technician John Grubb of the Sheriff's
Office. When first viewed the deceased is clothed in one multicolored T-shirt,
one pair of black pants, two white socks, two white shoes, one gray sweater.
Specifically absent is cash or jewelry. The body is that of a normally developed
white female who appears 32 years of age and is of average nutritional status
measuring 69 inches and weighing 108 pounds. Preservation is fair on the
unembalmed body. The body is cold to the touch following refrigeration.
Lividity is fixed on the back. There is a moderate amount of dark brown hair
with terminal frosting with a maximal length of 8 inches. A Hippocratic facies
is present. The eyes are open. The irises are brown. The sclerae are clear.
The pupils measure 0.4 cm. The scalp is remarkable for showing "hooded" congestion.
Brown eyebrows are present. Except for evidence of injury, the nose is
unremarkable. The earlobes are pierced one time on each side. Teeth are natural
and in fair repair. The neck is unremarkable. The chest is unremarkable as are
the breasts. The abdomen is unremarkable. There is mild greenish discoloration
of the lower abdominal quadrants bilaterally. Limbs are equal and symmetrically
developed and the fingernail beds are blue.. The back is unremarkable. The
deceased is incontinent of feces. The medical record is present. Specifically
absent are medications accompanying the body. Multiple photographs are obtained
and considered a part of the protocol.

EVIDENCE OF TREATMENT: An orotracheal tube is in place. Intravenous
puncture sites are present in the right antecubital fossa and an intravenous line is
present in the left antecubital fossa. EKG pasties are present on the right and left
wrists. On the dorsal aspect of the left wrist an intravenous line is present.


       HEAD AND NECK: "Mirror image" 1/4 inch drying abrasions are present at
the tip of the nose. The nasal bone is intact. Crusted blood is present at the
nares. Crusted brown dried material is present within the mouth, on the lips;
crusted (dried) material is present on the eyelids. At the point of the chin there
are adjacent abrasions; one of which measures 0.3, the other 0.4 cm. Hooded
congestion is present on the left side of the face.

       EXTREMITIES: The dorsal aspect of the right lower arm just above the wrist is
remarkable for showing several crusted confluent dark brown lesions consistent
with "insect/animal bites." A hematoma is present over the proximal portion of the
right third proximal metacarpal. Mixed contusions and insect-appearing bites vary
in greatest dimension from0.2 to 0.6 cm are present over the dorsal aspect of the
right hand. On the volar aspect of the right third digit (distant phalanx) there is a 0.4
cm drying abrasion. The dorsal aspect of the left arm has crusted drying areas that
vary from 0.1 up to 1.4 cm. Old (blue-green/brown) areas of discoloration consistent
with old hematomas are present on the medial aspect of the left thigh over a

NAME- MC PHERSON, Lisa                       CASE NO.-1951474                       PAGE 2

greatest area measuring 2-1/2 inches and to a lesser extent over areas measuring 1/2
and 3/4 inch. Over the medial aspect of the right knee there is a reddish-brown area
with sharp margins. On the medial aspect of the left lower leg there are confluent
old (green-brown) hematoma with indefinite peripheral ages. The dorsal aspect of
both feet contain multiple drying scaling lesions that vary from 0.3 to 1.2 cm. On
section these lesions in common lack an underlying hemorrhagic base even centrally
and the margins are peripheral and sharp. Sections are obtained from such areas of
the right foot. An abrasion is present above the lateral aspect of the right lower
leg adjacent to Achilles tendon. Parallel to this there are superficial abrasions
medial to it numbering two and averaging 1/4 inch. On the medial aspect of the
right lower leg there are scattered old (green-brown, with indefinite margins)
hematomas that vary in greatest dimension from 0.3 to 1.0 cm. An old (yellow-green
indefinite margins) 4 inch hematoma is present over the left posterior iliac crest. On
the point of the right elbow posteriorly there is a healing laceration measuring 1/8
inch. Adjacent to this there is an "old" hematoma with a greatest dimension of 2-1/2
inches. Photographs are obtained of old bruises from the right flank posteriorly
and from the left lower leg. Additionally bruises of the scaling-appearing lesions are
present on the dorsum of the hands and feet also are submitted.

       TRUNCAL: At the point of the right shoulder there is a 3/4 inch drying
abrasion. In the right suprailiac area there is an 6.5 cm green brown (old) hematoma.
In the left lower flank there is a green brown (old) 9cm.(horizontal) by 4 cm. vertical

       CAVITIES: Right and left pleural cavities are free of fluid and adhesions.
The pericardial cavity has 2 cc of pale clear fluid. No adhesions are present. The
peritoneal cavity is free of fluid or adhesions.

       CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: The 230 gram heart has a dominant right coronary artery.
The coronary vessals show focal mild artherosclerosis. Specifically absent are
areas of discoloration with softening and fibrosis.

       RESPIRATORY SYSTEM; The 210 gram left lung is remarkable for showing a partially
occlusive well-established thrombus which is multifocal. This is not associated
with an infarct. The visceral pleura is unremarkable. The bronchial tree contains
small amounts of blood-stained fluid. The parenchyma on section is dry, pink-gray
and doughy. The main branch to the left pulmonary artery is occluded by
well-established thrombus. The 210 gram right lung has an unremarkable visceral
pleura. The opened arterial tree is free of antemortem thrombi. The bronchial
tree contains moderate amounts of faintly blood-stained mucus. The tissue on
section is doughy and gray-pink. Laryngeal and tracheal cartilages are intact and
their mucosae is unremarkable.

NAME- MC PHERSON, Lisa                       CASE NO.-1951474                       PAGE 3

       CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM: The 1390 gram brain has unremarkable meninges. The
vasculature of the basilar and cerebral arterial circulatory systems are
unremarkable. Gyri and sulci are unremarkable. Specifically absent is opacification
of the meninges at the base of the brain.Bilateral tonsilar grooving without
apposition is present. The brain is fixed for sectioning at a later date. With the dura
removed, the base of the skull is free of fractures. Specifically absent are
subscapular hematoma.

       URINARY SYSTEM: The 120 gram left kidney and 120 gram right kidney are
similar. The renal arteries are patent. The external surface is smooth. The
parenchyma on section is uniform and dark brown. The cortex averages 1.0 cm.
Corticomedullary junctions are well maintained. The pelvic calyceal system and
ureters are unremarkable. The bladder contains 15 cc of urine. With this removed
the bladder wall is unremarkable.

       GENTAL SYSTEM: Uterus, tubes and ovaries are unremarkable and specifically absent
is uterine enlargement.

       HEPATOBILIARY SYSTEM: The 1270 gram liver has an unremarkable capsule. The liver on
section is uniform and dark brown. No masses are identified. The gallbladder
contains 10 cc of thick green viscid bile. The extrahepatic biliary system is

       GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT: The esophagus is unremarkable.The stomach contains 20 cc of
thick green viscid bile. The pancreas on section is uniform, gray-pink and moderately
firm. The opened duodenum has neither food, ulcers nor masses. Externally the small
intestine, appendix and colon are unremarkable.

       LYMPHOPROLIFERATIVE SYSTEM: The 60 gram spleen has an unremarkable capsule. The
parenchyma is moderately softened and dark red-brown. Abdominal and thoracic lymph
nodes are unremarkable.


       MISCELLANEOUS: Dissection of the left popliteal fossa reveals a thrombus. The
right popliteal fossa is also examined and is free of thrombi.

BRAIN AFTER FIXATION: The now fixed brain is examined on January 26,
1996 at 1440 hours. It weighs 1380 grams. The gyri are sulci are unremarkable. The
vasculature of the basilar and cerebral arterial circular systems are unremarkable.
Specifically at the base of the brain there is no opacification of the meninges.
Representative sections of pons, medulla and cerebellum adjacent to the upper
spinal cord are submitted including their meninges. The serially sectioned pons,

NAME- MC PHERSON, Lisa                       CASE NO.-1951474                       PAGE 4

medulla and cerebellum are grossly unremarkable. The serially sectioned cerebrum
has unremarkable gray and white matter. The lateral ventricles are unremarkable as
is the basal ganglia. Scattered prominent vascular markings resembling petechia are
present within the white matter of the left parietal lobe.

The upper spinal cord is unremarkable. The brain is retained.


LUNG: Sections of major pulmonary artery are remarkable for showing loosely
adherent blood to the endothelim of the underlying vessel. Focally a layer of fibrin
is present at the endothelium blood interface.


Cerebrospinal fluid culture and sensitivity:
           Gram stain: Rare white blood cells seen
           Culture: No growth after 72 hours
Cerebrospinal fluid bacterial antigens:
           Hemophilus influenza B: Negative
           Streptococcus pneumoniae: Negative
           N. Meningitidis groups A, C, Y and W135: Negative
           Neiserria meningitidis B/E. Coli K1: Negative

Vitreous sodium: 180 mmol/l
Vitreous potassium: 13.9 mmol/l

Vitreous urea nitrogen: 300 mg/dl
Vitreous creatinine: 2.6 mg/dl
Vitreous glucose: 15 mg/dl
vitreous chloride: 161 mmol/l
Vitreous specific gravity: 1.337

Pinellas & Pasco
10850 Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL 34648
Toxicology Findings

Drug Screen Results:

Urine screen {TLC-Basic} was POSITIVE* for diphenhydramine.
Urine screen {Immunoassay} was NEGATIVE.

[* Confirmed by GCMS]

Drug Quantitation Results:

Ethanol: 0 gm/dl, Blood (Heart)
Ethanol: 0 gm/dl, Vitreous

Ronald R. Bell, B.S.
Chief Toxicologist
Dec 15,1995


Identification of Deceased Person

Case# 1951474            Name of Deceased:    Lisa   Mc Pherson
Date of Death: Dec 5, 1995                       Invest. Agency

Person to whom the deceased was identified : Robert D. Davis, M.D., Assoc. Med. Exam.
Others Present: Julia Tyndall, Investigator
Date and Time of Identification Thursday Dec 7, 1995   14:40

Identification Made By:

Name: Jeff Schaffner            Relationship:Not Related
Address:XXX XXXX XXXXX XXX, Clearwater, FL 34630
Duration of Acquaintanceship with Deceased Fifteen Years        Phone:XXX-XXXX

Person to whom the deceased was identified : Robert D. Davis, M.D., Assoc. Med. Exam.
Others Present: Julia Tyndall, Investigator
Date and Time of Identification Thursday Dec 7, 1995   14:40

Identification Made By:

Name: David Slaughter            Relationship:Not Related
Address:XXX XXXXXXXX XX, Clearwater, FL 34630
Duration of Acquaintanceship with Deceased Ten Years        Phone:XXX-XXXX

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