Isolation as a Scientology practice

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A summary of the Introspection Rundown.

The dangers of isolation for humans

A 1965 Hubbard bulletin requiring isolation for PTS type III's

L. Ron Hubbard on civil rights.



Report of a person being "held prisoner" at Saint Hill, England

An isolation case from Denmark, AFTER Lisa's case

A London Independent article about the rundown.

An anonymous survivor of isolation speaks

A case from Gosford Australia

Dodie Geary claims to have been held against her will for 2 weeks.

An OT 8 tells of being held against his will.

Tonja Burden tells of people being locked in the chain locker of Hubbard's ship, of security to keep members from leaving, of a person chained in the boiler room of the Ft. Harrison Hotel, and of being kidnapped and locked up herself.

Roxanne Friend stated that she was detained by Scientologists. Roxanne sued the church and they settled out of court. Her deposition is here, a deposition of one of her kidnappers is here.

Birgitta Dagnell tells of her time in the Scientology prison system.

Dennis Erlich states that as a Scientologist he was locked in the basement of the Ft. Harrison Hotel in Clearwater.

Craigory alleges that he saw someone in isolation in the Ft. Harrison Hotel

Margery Wakefield says she was in isolation at the Ft. Harrison Hotel

Terry Findley was held against her will in 1981 in Los Angeles.

Hana Eltringham says she was in isolation at the Ft. Harrison Hotel

Anne Rosenblum says she was in isolation at the Ft. Harrison Hotel

Zane Thomas alleges that he saw someone in isolation at a Scientology site in Scotland

BornAgainWog tells of caring for someone in isolation.

Virginia Breggin tells of a rumor in the church of an isolation case.

Monica Pignotti saw the beginnings of the Introspection Rundown.

Mark Lewandowski claims that Scientologists refused to let him leave until he signed over money to them.

The Ohrendorfs from Germany were held, according to Tilman

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