An update of the page on Florida politicians and Scientology is in the works and should be up
within a few days. In the meantime, here is an article by former
Clearwater mayor Gabe Cazares, which will be featured on that updated site:

The imminent dedication of a multi-million dollar castle in Clearwater,
Florida will make this the top Scientology city in the world.

Since 1975 when this destructive cult occupied Clearwater with
military-type invasion orders like secret "Project Normandy" and
"Tri-Cycle," it has gained increasing political and economic control of
this former tourist waterfront destination. Local political and
business leaders have facilitated the acquisition by this cult of over
$48 million in prime property, two-thirds of which is tax-free. The
community has lost the historical Ft. Harrison hotel and the only
mainland waterfront hotel, as well as other facilities, leaving the
downtown area without a hotel to serve the Pinellas County courthouse or
city hall.

The majority of these two government's elected officials receive much of
their election campaign funds from a Scientology, Chamber of Commerce
and Government coalition. The realtors, developers, other business
leaders and Scientologists need support from city hall and the county
courthouse. The current mayor of Clearwater is strongly supportive of
Scientology, frequently attending anniversary and other public relations
events at the Ft. Harrison hotel. An upcoming election on March 9, 2004
includes two candidates for a vacancy on the city commission.

As of January 14, 2004, candidate Carlen A. Petersen, a former chairman
of the city development board which deals with attorneys, developers and
residents, received $16,570.00 in contributions. Among her $500.00
contributors were (names and listed occupations): William Regan, sales
representative; Hooters on Location, restaurant; Jeffrey Lopatin,
realtor; Art Headquarters, art company; David Regan, chairman; Becky
Suomalainen, social worker; Island Way Grill, restuaruant; Lee Arnold,
Jr., C.E.O.; E.D. Armstrong, CHS; Peter Brown Construction,
construction; Gulf Coast Consulting, consulting; Timothy and Clair
Johnson, attorney; Krysten Ericson, community volunteer; Even
Berntsen, banker.

E.D. Armstrong is council for Scientologists, is former chairman of the
Clearwater Chamber of Commerce's Clearpac, a political affiliate of the
chamber. Some contributions are also listed as coming Johnson, Blakely,
Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns in varying amounts. Timothy Johnson listed
above is the "Johnson" in that law firm, and has long represented

The election of Carlen Petersen would almost guarantee support and
favorable action for Scientology cases. The record of contributions to
Carlen Petersen are similar to the receipts of virtually every
victorious candidate in the city of Clearwater and other major,
county-wide elective offices.

Scientologists have announced plans to expand to other municipalities.
The recent success in winning over the mayor of Tampa to Scientology is
a real threat to the Tampa Bay area. The presence in Tampa of the most
sensitive military installations in the world is a real security threat.
Billboards have been used by Scientology to invite military personnel,
foreign or US, and their dependents to join Narconon and other programs
in an old recruiting tactic of this cult. Foreign troops which may not
be aware of Scientology and its criminal world-wide record are
especially vulnerable to recruiting. Among their most serious criminal
acts was the conviction of the top leadership of Scientology for
conspiracy against the United States government. The leaders, including
the wife of L. Ron Hubbard, were jailed. L. Ron Hubbard was an
unindicted co-conspirator.

Candidates seeking campaign funds in local elections are especially
vulnerable to the Scientology coalition. Last year Pam Iorio was in the
final weeks of a campaign for election as mayor of Tampa. Mary Repper,
one-time liberal democrat but now an enthusiastic political consultant
and supporter of Scientology approached Pam Iorio with an offer she
should have refused. Mary told her friend Pam that she had a group that
wanted to hold a fundraiser for her, but was concerned she might not
accept as this group happened to be Scientologists. Pam accepted,
replying that she had no objection to "religious" groups. Among the
contributors to Pam Iorio were: E.D. Armstrong, Mary Repper and Mary
Story, Scientology's PR leader. This was shortly followed by the
public opening and celebration of a Scientology recruiting office in
Tampa for military personnel from MacDill AFB, students from local
universities and educational institutions.

Their quick success in Tampa was not enough for the Scientologists.
Mary Repper celebrated this victory by inviting newly-elected mayor
Iorio to dinner. In addition to the mayor, Repper had invited som old
friends like Senator Tom Lee of Brandon and Scientology actor, Tom Cruise.

Politics is politics, and war is war. Americans are reminded every day
about our vulnerability to hostile actions by the enemy. How can Tom
Cruise and these local supporters ignore a few facts about Scientology's
world-wide actions against friendly governments, like being caught by
the Greek government with a top-secret map of a military facility- and
dozens of arrests by British, Spanish, German, Canadian and other
nations for serious violations of the law? How can any person claim he
is a proud, loyal American and embrace a cult which has committed the
first known occupation and takeover of an American city by a paramilitry
terrorist organization which has a "fair game" policy to "destroy" its
enemies, entraps young members worldwide and gets them to sign a billion
year contract to "clear the planet," and exploits and subjects its
members to punishments not permitted by law, including imprisonment in
their "RPF?"

Those who know Scientology agree that this cult represents a clear and
present danger to citizens, regardless of race or nationality. If one
single fact about Scientology proves the cult's danger to America it is
its indictment in 1975 by a Federal grand jury. The 25 count indictment
charged them with conspiring to steal government documents, theft of
government documents, and conspiring to obstruct justice. Those who
support or profit from Scientology should be aware of their tacit
support and approval of Scientology's contempt for religion, government,
and individuals.

Gabe Cazares, Clearwater, FL
February, 2004