Jeff's writings on Scientology

Serious Stuff

We Are Legion: Anonymous and the War on Scientology. 2008 article.

Scientology and Religious Workers Visas. 2009 article.

The Hubbard Is Bare - written in 1992 to show that Hubbard basically plagiarized rather than doing any original research. Now in French!

Are Hubbard writings secular or scripture? 2002 article

Is OT 3 a fraudulent level?

Jim Lippard and Jeff wrote a story of Scientology v. the Net in 1995 for Skeptic Magazine.

Medical Claims made by Scientology

How to Picket Scientology

Gandhi Tech[tm]

Can WISE bifurcate Admin Tech from Scientology? Is WISE secular?

WISE as a recruiting arm of Scientology (or in French)

Scientologists running Black Dianetics on alt.religion.scientology

Does Scientology's Doctrine of Exchange negate it's tax exemption?

The 5 warning signs of religion going bad

CCHR - Attack of the Human Rights Squad

Funny (hopefully) Stuff

The SP Levels

NOTs for Tots

Extreme Auditing Exhibition

Scientology reality TV shows

Fusion Tech[tm]

Sucker Pullers[tm]

The Helena Kobrin Fan Club

Origins of OT III

An OT visits a psychiatrist


Scientology takeover?

Big Theta Ambulance Service

BT Magazine covers

Incident 3

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