Stuff About Hubbard

Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller. The best biography of Hubbard, now on the net for free!

Hubbard grossly and falsely inflated his college background

Hubbard's only college transcript (91K gif)

Hubbard claimed his Dianetics could raise the dead

Some of Hubbard's Naval Records

Scientology claims 29 service medals for LRH, not true!

L. Ron Hubbard was convicted of fraud in France This article if from the March 17, 1978 Catholic Sentinel.

What was Hubbard really doing in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital after WWII?

LRH tries to make a movie out of OT 3.

Mysterious note - is this Hubbard's handwriting? samples of his handwriting to compare.

Disclaimer: this page has no connection to Scientology or Dianetics except to expose the problematic areas of both