Request for Information on fires in scientology properties

Please send any additions or corrections to me. I'm looking for information concerning fires in Scientology buildings, especially around the times that the church was planning a move. So far I've heard of several such fires (note: some of these are not verified but were reported to me by email):


1) a fire in Tucson Arizona in the mid 1970's at Ability Center, Inc.  No mention of whether the fire was attributed to arson or not

2) the Paris Org fire near 1975 or 1976. Paris was wanting to move at the time (they did some two or three years later in fact), and some fire started in the last stair. Part of the roof burned, and the ugly burned things were left on the street during some months! The repair was not done before months neither.
The well known anecdote on this is that a preclear was in session, and said his auditor: "There is fire under the door". As the auditor was not facing the door, he said his preclear "Okay, I'll repeat the auditing question", till he knew it was not "origination " in the usual sense! roger gonnet <>

3) 1977 a fire in the Bank Building purchased by Scientology. (Tampa Tribune, May 19, 1977 "Scientology fire empties offices at Clearwater").  Apparently they got a large insurance settlement.

4) a 1977 fire in Vancouver, at a Narconon drug center.

5) a fire in Toronto Canada in January of 1978, allegedly caused by a copy machine.

6) a 1978 fire at a Narconon center in Miami.  One person dies.

7) The church's old headquarters in Caulfield Australia was destroyed by fire in March, 1980. The Age (Melbourne), 16 Jul 1980, p1, 4

8) an arson in Pasadena California in 1980.

9) Amsterdam, early 1980s.  The electricity had been shut off for failure to pay bills, so a generator was being used. The generator started a fire.

10) a fire in the Minneapolis MN mission, date unknown but sometime in the 1980's (Star Tribune December 1, 1994)

11) a fire at "the old COSMOD Sac mission on 24th & R st" in Sacramento, CA in the mid 1980s.  During a move after most stuff had already been taken to the new place, burned many files.  Happened about 2am.

12) a fire in the Ft. Harrison Hotel, in Clearwater, allegedly caused by children (St. Petersburg Times 12/29/85 "Fire forces evacuation of 400 person")

13) a fire in the Gray Moss Inn in Clearwater Florida in the 80's (the church bought the Gray Moss Inn).

14) a fire in Hacienda Gardens in Clearwater Florida in 1986.

15) an arson in Tustin California in 1987.

16) trash fire at Narconon in Oklahoma, 1990.

17) a small fire here in Phoenix Arizona around 1991. A sign was placed on the building that said something like "we've had a bit of a fire and will open again later." This building was never again used by the church and is now a rental property.

18) Main Sea Org berthing at St. Hill burned down, 1992.  Also here, and see video here, at 7:20.

19) fire at San Fernando Valley Mission, circa 1995.

20) The above photo is from S Street in Washington DC. The church was planning its move to the Frasier Mansion just a few blocks away in 1996. Before the move was completed this fire occurred.

21) fire at Mace Kingsley school in New Mexico.  Girls dorm reportedly burned down.

22) February 10, 1998 it was announced on alt.religion.scientology that Munich Germany Scientology buildings were raided by the police in search of information regarding suspicious fires related to the Church of Scientology.

23)unknown date: San Francisco Mission fire (from Wayne Whitney)

24) a townehouse construction fire, allegedly built for Scientologists to use in Clearwater, by a Scientologist developer.

25) about 2001, fire at Corona (SO/TTC berthing in Copenhagen).  rumored to be started by a disgruntled staff member.

26) a fire-bomb in Florida, in 2002, unsolved but Scientology blamed critics.  Also see here.

27) brush fire at gold base (intentional?) 1/16/10

28) Janurary 2010, Randburg, South Africa fire.  Burned the course room and the admin. space.

29) October 12, 2010, "arson" fire in Tel Aviv, Israel org

30) May 24, 2011, fire at 531 Franklin St., Clearwater

31) May 18, 2011, fire in rubbish pile at Brisbane, Australia church

32) July, 2011, fire damages Scientology building in Northumbria, UK.

Another fire happened in a company owned by one of Scientology's largest contributors, the Feshbachs.  An arson fire at Cocolat Company, California, 1991 was considered one of the reasons the company went under. (The San Francisco Chronicle April 7, 1993)

(last update August 4, 2011)

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