Scientology has claimed to have 8 million members.

They've been making this claim every year since 1991.

* * * *
Forrest Sawyer, on ABC Nightline, Feb. 14, 1992.
[interviewing] How do you get to call them members?

HEBER JENTZSCH, President, Church of Scientology: Because they joined
and they came in and they studied Scientology.

SAWYER: They took one course, maybe.

Mr. JENTZSCH: Well, that's how valuable the course is. Eight million
people, yes, over a period of the last- since 1954.

* * * *
In the Hemet News 1991 series on Scientology part 5:

"Scientology now boasts of more than 8 million members in 71 countries
(The Rev. Heber Jentzsch, international president, said anyone who has
ever taken a Scientology class is considered a Scientologist - even
children.) [Priscilla] Coates, however said she has seen a membership
list of the International Association of Scientologists; it lists fewer
than 50,000."

* * * *
USA Today 8/2/91

"Scientology has grown in 40 years to encompass 8 million members..."

* * * *
Source Issue 78, p.23 from an ad for International Association of

"Membership in the Association is the official membership system
adopted by the Church of Scientology and is required for services to be
taken at the Church."

* * * *
Impact issue 33 p. 33 headline "Goal 1991" for IAS

"* Build the membership to 100,000 active members."

I'd like to challenge the Church of Scientology to provide any evidence
that any other church claims that their membership includes dead people,
those who have attended only once or twice, or have left and are now
critics. According to Heber's definition of who is a Scientologist; *I*
am a Scientologist! Dennis is a Scientologist! Those who have taken a
course since 1954 and have since died are Scientologists!
And why has the church used the same 8 million figure for the past 5
years!!!? Have there been no more courses taught since then?
Why doesn't the church use the IAS membership figures to show their