Welcome to the premier issue of REAL FREEDOM, The Lisa McPherson Trust (LMT) Newsletter. Each month�s issue will highlight the events and activities of LMT�s office and staff. In addition, we will feature an article from the archives. This month�s archive article is from a 1951 New Jersey daily, which reports The Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation Inc., being accused of operating as school for treatment of disease without a license in a complaint by the State Board of Medical Examiners.


The Lisa McPherson Trust Staff

Although most of you already know us, we would like to re-introduce ourselves.

Stacy Brooks, President

Stacy spent nearly fifteen years working in the upper levels of Scientology management in Los Angeles. Since leaving the organization in 1989, Stacy has exposed the abuse and deception of Scientology on such television programs as 60 Minutes and Dateline, and has spoken on the subject at a number of conferences. She has also been an expert consultant on many court cases involving Scientology. In the eleven years since she left, Stacy has helped hundreds of people recover from the abuses and deception of Scientology. 

Jesse Prince, Executive Vice President

Former Scientologist and Sea Org* member of 16 years, Jesse was a senior executive in the Religious Technology Center, Scientology�s top management and trademark organization. In 1992, Jesse left the Sea Org and for six years remained silent about his experiences in Scientology under the threat of a lawsuit by the organization.  He now actively assists former and current Scientologists recover from their experiences in Scientology.

Karin Case, Public Relations Director

Growing up in Clearwater, Fla., Karin watched as the Scientology organization intimidated anyone who questioned it, and increased its control of the city. As more information came to light, Karin shared her knowledge of Scientology�s deceit with others.  After she earned a B.A. in public relations from The University of Florida, she returned to Clearwater and worked in public and investor relations for seven years.  Hearing of LMT�s arrival in Clearwater, Karin had an immediate aspiration to become their public relations person and continue her efforts to educate others about Scientology�s harmful practices.

Mark Bunker, Multi-Media Coordinator

After reading about Scientology, Mark desired to inform others about its management�s harmful practices. He brings years of Los Angeles entertainment industry experience to LMT media�s video productions. Beginning in 1997, Mark anonymously produced RealVideo of network broadcasts for various websites.  After meeting Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks in January 1999, he created his own website, xenutv.com. Armed with the patented MintonCam*, Mark covers the world of Scientology, showing first-hand experiences with its tactics and personal interviews of those who are affected by it. From revenge pickets to bull baiting and beyond, he documents the behavior of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs.

Jeff Jacobsen, Librarian

Jeff joined LMT in May after moving from Scottsdale, Ariz., where he managed a family business. Jeff earned a B. A. in religious studies. In addition, he has completed extensive research on cults in general and focused on Scientology specifically.  His interest in cults derives from his six-year experience in a small Pentecostal church in South Dakota during the 1970�s. Jeff plans to establish a valuable and comprehensive library about Scientology for LMT.

Grady Ward, System Administrator and Security Director

When a Scientology attorney attempted to remove an Internet discussion group in 1995, Grady became interested in such totalitarian attacks. Grady joins the LMT after four years of Scientology litigation in which he represented himself. He earned a B.A. from the Evergreen State College where he taught Data Structures. An Apple Computer Inc. technical staff senior member for more than ten years, he wrote a video game for the Atari 2600. He published several products supporting computer lexicography, and has been investigated for distributing cryptography and other free-speech activities. He is married with two children and lives in Arcata, Calif.

Bob Peterson, Office Administrator

Born in Wisconsin, Bob came to Florida in 1995. He became interested in the Lisa McPherson case after reading newspaper accounts of it. Bob credits Scientology attorney Elliot Ableson for his becoming a critic.

"When I heard Ableson tell how Lisa stayed at the Fort Harrison for a simple 'rest and relaxation', I knew a scam was at hand. The autopsy photographs of the unfortunate woman tell a different and very grim story." 


*See glossary on page at end of document


New Jersey Starts Action Against Dianetics

From the Elizabeth Daily Journal, January 15, 1951


   The Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation, Inc. was accused of operating a school for treatment of disease without a license in a complaint by the State Board of Medical Examiners docketed today in Part I of District Court.  The complaint was served on C. Parker Morgan, 275 Morris Avenue, registered agent.

   The board, acting through Attorney General Theodore D. Parsons, specifically charged that the foundation violated R.S. 18:20-18.  The foundation is required to file an answer by Thursday.  Otherwise the state may move for a judgment.  The act provides for a penalty of $500.

   The foundation propounds a theory its supporters claim to be a simple, scientific cure to mental illnesses.  In a 450-page book outlining the theory of L. Ron Hubbard, an Elizabeth resident claims unqualifiedly that the �hidden sources of all psychosomatic ills and human aberration have been discovered and skills have been developed for their invariable cure.�

   Opposition to the movement has been strong among certain psychiatric and psychological groups, who claim it does harm to the mentally ill by its oversimplification and its promises.

   The act cited in the District Court case differs somewhat from the section under which most prosecutions for practicing medicine unlawfully are instituted.  It says:

   �No school or college shall be conducted within this State for the purpose of training or qualifying students to practice medicine or surgery or any branch thereof or any method of treatment of disease without first securing from the State Board of Medical Examiners a license authorizing them to do so.�

   Judge Milton A. Feller directed that, conforming to practice giving the State preference in complaints in this category, an early date be assigned for hearing.

I don�t think there is any question that Scientology brought pressure to bear
on Medical Examiner Joan Wood to change the autopsy report concerning the
cause of Lisa McPherson�s death. It is a travesty of justice that the criminal
case has been dismissed. But it doesn�t change the fact that Lisa McPherson
died a horrible, gruesome death while being held at the Fort Harrison Hotel.
If Scientology had taken her to a hospital where she could get proper medical care, Lisa would be alive today. The Lisa McPherson Trust continues to get calls every single day from people who have been victimized by Scientology, and we will go on helping these people in every way we possibly can.�

-Stacy Brooks, June 14, 2000


The GE* is a Family Man

�Families are not good groups; they're bad groups.�

-L.Ron Hubbard

Flows: Patterns of Interaction

10 December 1952 

*See glossary on page at end of document 

From the Library

    I�ve put up the Lisa McPherson police investigation CD. Some TIF�s will not be going up because a) they are not important, b) they are copyrighted, c) they were handwritten.  But all the interviews will be up, and this will be searchable now as well.

   The library had been indexed but that is basically an inventory.

   The next projects will be to remodel the room, put in shelving, and re-index the items using the final indexing system.

    As for living here, it definitely is an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere.  I�m followed often.  When we leave the trust the Scientology security guy gets on his phone instantly, no doubt to report our movements.  So it�s certainly not a �normal� life-style, but I believe the work is important and I�m grateful for the opportunity to help.


LMT Website News

We have redesigned our website, and will continue working to make it a useful resource for information about Scientology.  Look for new features including out-of-the-ordinary archives, more articles on the relationship between the City of Clearwater and Scientology, LMT Frequently Asked Questions and LMT MEDIA, the soon-to-be new home of the website formerly know as xenutv.  

Some highlights of LMT MEDIA are:

A series of videos documenting Ursula Caberta's visit to Clearwater, Fla., including the hostile greeting she received by Scientologists at Tampa International Airport, Cabert a picketing at FLAG, Scientologists picketing LMT, Caberta's press conference at LMT and the local media coverage of the events. 

The latest Bob Minton videos include the Alternate Charlemagne Award ceremony, during which Caberta presented Minton an award on behalf of the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom; the public forum at Howard University, at which Minton discussed how he assisted the Nigerian government in reducing the country's national debt, and "the mad picket" in which Mary DeMoss and other Scientologists make several suggestions to Minton including that he "get a job." 

You can watch Jesse Prince�s appearance on a Denmark news show in which he discusses his personal experiences in Scientology.

Many of you have already watched Tory "MaGoo" Bezazian at the Boston Org.  Since that time, Bezazian helped initiate a series of videos in which former Scientologists who were at the OT VII level discuss various issues pertaining to the Scientology organization, management and technology.

Greg and Debra Barnes, both OT 7's, were recently subjected to an extremely abusive Committee of Evidence (Scientology's version of a trial) and subsequently declared Suppressive Persons. See the whole story on LMT Media.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions for our website, or a video you would like considered for LMT MEDIA, formerly xenutv.com, please contact us at 727-XXXX.  

Captions to Pictures of pdf version of newsletter:

Caption 1-- Tory Bezazian recently separated from the Church of Scientology after 3o years in the organization. Early August, Tory visited the Boston Org. and attempted peaceful, friendly conversation with the cameraman who was filming Bob & Stacy while they picketed.

Caption 2 -- Mary DeMoss, following Scientology orders, joins in with other Scientologists as they attempt to discourage critics picketing in front of the Fort Harrison Hotel. During the last few pickets, Scientologists have been ordered to harass and insult critics.  

Caption 3 -- Bob Minton visited Leipzig, Germany this May to receive the Alternate Charlemagne Award presented by Ursula Caberta on behalf of the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom for his effort on behalf of victims of Scientology.  

Mother�s Betrayal By The New CAN

From Trancenet.org

www.trancenet.org is a website for former cult members.

[Trancenet] Editor�s Note: Since Scientology has taken over the old Cult Awareness Network, parents have contacted us with allegations and horror stories like the one below.

M y daughter is in a controversial New Age group. Everyone else in the family thinks that she is just exploring a new dimension in her life and that she will come out of it... I used to think this too, until she broke from me; and her mail and phone calls were blocked. I am reading a lot about cults, particularly Steve Hassan�s book, and I know she is being subjected to mind control techniques and hypnotic regression therapy.

    There have been abrupt changes in her life: She quit her job, sold her old truck and got a car payment, moved into and works for the community, is planning to have a child by artificial insemination, entered into a committed but not sexual partnership with another woman in the community, is a coach for others in this process, runs workshops, may be earning money now, but I�m not sure if she gives her money to the community.

    I visited this Spring. People were gracious and I saw some good things in the community. I was unable to confront her, actually found myself getting sucked in. The people have cold eyes. They think they are going to change the world and everyone in the world should do this training...After I returned, Ellen cut off talking for a month so that she would not have to continue to �take care of me� or relate emotionally.
    When I looked for help, I experienced a betrayal from the Cult Awareness Network [CAN] in Chicago. 

    This is the way they operate: The hotline operator makes sure she gets the name of the organization the caller is worried about.  Her tone of voice changed to one of urgency, but I was too emotional to notice that at the time. I was told that: the organization changed hands because of a lawsuit about a forcible deprogramming, deprogramming is illegal, there is 100 percent recidivism rate, mediation is recommended and I would receive a phone call from a mediator.     

    Thus, they got my name and phone number. No mediator called me. In the meantime, CAN called the organization in question and disclosed... that a complaint had been lodged. Since this is a new, small organization and I was the most recently aggrieved parent, they all knew I had made the phone call.

    I was still in contact with members of the organization and they told me about the call. Obviously my position became tenuous and a complete cut-off of all family soon occurred. When I learned of the betrayal, I called the hotline and complained. (I obviously had not done my research on the Internet yet. I got the listing from Gale Research Co, Encyclopedia of Organizations. I have contacted their editor about
omitting the listing.)

The executive director called me back and I, still believing this was a bona-fide organization, angrily told her how their policy of calling the organization was insane and how it had damaged even further my relationship with my daughter. She seemed to be genuinely emotionally shaken. She promised that a psychologist employed by CAN would call me. Obviously no one phoned. Then I turned to the Internet and got the real story about the takeover by Scientology. I hope that is all the harm they can do.

     Spread the word.

Scientology�s front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), was created specifically to attack Psychiatry. With Dennis Clarke as the head of the CCHR those attacks become serious. In a period of just a few days, Clarke physically assaulted several members of the LMT.

As a Human Rights leader, Dennis Clarke is less like Gandhi and more like Rambo. Acting like Popeye�s arch-nemesis, Bluto, Clarke tries to knock his opinions into your skull. If he can�t get his point across, at least he had the pleasure of beating someone up.  You can view video of Dennis Clarke in action at: http://www.lisatrust .net/Media/ots.htm 

Dennis Clarke can justify his treatment of members of the LMT through the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. In Science of Survival, Hubbard spoke of the 2.5 percent of the world�s population who are Suppressive Persons or SP's. Since Scientology can�t help the SP's, it would be best to �dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.�

- Mark Bunker 

Dennis "the hitman" Clarke, CCHR spokesperson, tested a few critics' commitment to human rights by testing our reaction to physical abuse. We have some excellent video of Dennis assaulting Mike, Bob, Mark and myself. Both Mark and I got DNA samples from Dennis when he put chewing gum on our video camera lenses.

At one picket the police finally pulled Dennis aside, but did not arrest him. Perhaps they were just reminding him that he was being videotaped. The police sent him on his way and as he left Scientologists patted him on the back for a job well done.

-Jeff Jacobsen  


By Patricia Greenway

     My sister and her husband came to Tampa for a weekend visit from Washington, D.C. They are both highly placed government employees   and were never too interested in the subject of Scientology, even though I'd broached the subject on more than a few occasions.

   My work schedule lately has been pretty intense, but around 7 PM on Saturday I broke away from work to take the two of them on a tour of downtown Clearwater.

Actually my brother-in-law ASKED me to take him there. His parents had lived there for many years until his Dad died and he had not been back, himself, in almost 15 years. We parked their rental car on Watterson Street and as soon as we arrived saw a few members of the LMT out on the street with picket signs in hand.

    I stopped briefly to say Hi to Mark and Jeff but we were cut off by the "Swarm" of "OT's" that were bunching around us. My sister and her hubby were a little taken aback by the rude behavior so we moved quickly down the street to continue with our "tour."

    I intentionally avoided turning down Fort Harrison Ave. in order to keep my sister and hubby out of the fray. We ended up walking up a quiet street that the infamous One Stop Shoppe* backs up to and since my sister asked if we could pop in to buy a coke, I explained to her that this particular store was owned by Scientologists and that we would probably be refused service. My sister's hubby was incredulous (and more than likely assumed I was exaggerating), but we proceeded on without testing that and I got us some cokes at an SP* friendly establishment.

     We walked past all kinds of buildings that my brother-in-law remembered from his last visit and finally found ourselves on Ft. Harrison Ave. Just as we headed south on Ft. Harrison Ave., we were met by 2 of the "OT* committee members" that I remembered seeing during Ursula Caberta's visit. They launched in by DEMANDING to know if the coke I was carrying was purchased at the One Stop Shoppe. Ever the joker-degrader*, I said "Yes INDEED!" The a-hole then started screaming "THAT will NEVER happen again!"

    I asked him if he realized that what he was saying would likely be seen in a bad legal light---he assured me in no uncertain terms that he didn't give a damn...and that under no circumstances would we be allowed to buy anything in his store again.

    He then followed us screaming obscenities while a short blonde chunky woman kept screaming "WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?" Normally I'm there in downtown to picket and expect this type of disturbance, but with my sister and her hubby in tow, I was NOT welcoming this type of attack.

     The stupid yutzes actually asked my brother-in-law if he was doing drugs with Jesse and demanded to know how much HE was getting paid by Bob Minton. The irony of this idiocy would only be appreciated if I were willing to expose the extremely high-level position he holds in our government.

My brother-in-law responded by whipping out his video camera to film what he thought was straight out of a film documenting the brown shirts of the Nazi regime. Worse comments were made to my sister after she told them to "Leave my sister ALONE!"

     Once they realized she was my sister, they attacked her viciously and began circling us continuously so as to impede our progress. We found that we couldn't even hear ourselves talk because of the incessant RANTING and FROTHING. I told them that if they didn't back off I would call the cops. They refused to leave us alone, so I dialed 911. The police came just as the infamous Mary DeMoss and four others started circling us as well. The police officer basically told us that he wouldn't/couldn't stop them from circling us and yelling obscenities at us.

     This was the last straw for my "guests" who were appalled to see what Clearwater had become since their last visit 15 years earlier. They even told the police they were tourists and expected to be able to walk the streets of Clearwater without harassment, but the police were non-plussed and virtually useless.

    We crossed the street at the point and made it to the green tarp lined walkway in hopes that we would be out of range...but to no avail. Our team of jerk-offs stayed at our backs insulting us, calling us names and screeching so loud we couldn't hear ourselves talk.

       I tried to "entheta"* the frothing, rabid jackals* AWAY by launching into an explanation of the Super Power building and what an "interesting" basement they were building. I then explained in a loud tone, in order to drown out the jackals, about RPF*'s and the cult's history of totalitarianism and brainwashing.

    They stayed on us no matter which street we walked on and they were joined by more....Ian Shillington (the "herbal" doctor), Cheryl Fetzer ( beauty shop owner) and a host of familiar faces. We ducked into Ottavio's Place* to get way from them FINALLY, then slipped out and to the car.

     The whole drive back to Tampa saw the complete and utter conversion of two non-interested tourists.... into RABID new critics. They jumped on my computer the minute we got back to my place and spent into the wee hours watching videos on LMT MEDIA. They wrote down the website addresses for many of the critics' sites before they caught their plane back.

     Talk about a FOOT bazooka!

So...WHAT will this criminal cult PULL IN NEXT????...I wonder...

     Thank you OSA* and your public jackals for helping to create TWO NEW CRITICS!

Best Regards


*See glossary on page at end of document

Patricia Greenway lives and works in Tampa, Fla. Like many of us, many of her encounters in Clearwater remind her why she became a critic.



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View a multimedia presentation and meet with the LMT staff. Discuss your hopes for the future of Clearwater and what we can do to make a difference. Advanced reservations are required. $55 per person, $100 per couple. Reserve your place now!!! Call Karin Case at 727-XXXX for reservations. 

The First Annual Benefit Concert for the Lisa McPherson Trust will be held on Saturday, November 11, 2000 in Clearwater, Florida. Local rock, reggae and blues bands are still being lined up. The concert venue will be announced at a later date. 


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entheta - short for enturbulated theta. Theta basically means life force. To enturbulate means to cause an upset. So entheta refers to communication that is deliberately upsetting or suppressive to a person or group.
GE- genetic entity. In the early 1950s Hubbard talked about the genetic entity as the part of the person that kept the physical body going. He made a distinction between the entity that was concerned with the body � the GE � and the entity that was concerned with non-physical life � the thetan.
jackals -  This refers to a famous quote describing Scientology by Congressman Leo J. Ryan who was murdered during a rescue mission in Jonestown. Ryan was one of the few politicians willing to take a stand against mind-control cults.

joker-degrader- This refers to a Scientology policy by Hubbard called Joker and Degrader. Hubbard decreed that it was a Suppressive Act to make jokes or ridicule him or Scientology. In the Sea Organization, anyone caught joking or degrading is sent to the RPF.
Mintoncam -  The professional quality digital camcordr  used exclusively for the production of LMT videos.

One Stop Shoppe- A Scientologist-owned �quick-mart� located in downtown Clearwater, Fla., that refuses service to critics of Scientology.
OSA - Office of Special Affairs - a sucessor to the Guardian�s Office, OSA�s job is to neutralize or, if necessary, destroy by whatever means necessary those who are considered enemies of Scientology. Anyone who criticizes Scientology is considered an enemy.
OT - operating thetan. An OT would be an individual who could operate totally independently of his body whether he had one or not; it would be someone who was not dependent on the physical world around him. There is no evidence that anyone has attained this state.
Ottavio�s Place - A non-Scientologist-owned Italian restaurant in downtown Clearwater, Fla. Scientologists were ordered to boycot the restaurant because the owners welcomed Bob Minton and the LMT to the neighborhood.
RPF- Rehabilitation Project Force. This is a prison camp for Sea Org members who criticize Hubbard or Scientology management in any way. People sent to the RPF are held under twenty-four-hour guard and not allowed to speak to anyone, including their children or spouse. They are interrogated for many hours a day and required to perform hard labor. This goes on until the person is again willing to abide by the strict rules of the Sea Org. It is similar to the re-education camps in Communist China.

Sea Org - Sea Organization. This is the unincorporated organization which actually controls Scientology. The Sea Org has the power to go into any Scientology organization or business and take it over without notice. David Miscavige is the head of the Sea Org.

SP - suppressive person - one who actively seeks to suppress or damage Scientology or Scientologists by his/her actions.

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